Linguine with Honey Pomegranate Sauced Prawns Delicious and deceptively easy, this dish is perfect for a weeknight meal or a dinner party. Linguine with Honey Pomegranate Sauced Prawns Preparation Time: 10 minutes Total time: 10 minutes Serves 1 Ingredients: 1 lb. prawns, peeled and deveined,1/2 c. sliced carrots,1/2 c. sliced celery ,1/2 c. diagonally sliced green onions,3 cloves garlic, minced,2 Tbsp. olive oil,1 lb. cooked linguini pasta, kept warm,

Honey Pomegranate Sauce

1 and a half cup PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur,1/4 c. water,1 Tbsp. honey,4 tsp. cornstarch,1 tsp. salt,1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes,1/4 tsp. crushed dried rosemary leaves, Instructions: Prepare pasta according to package directions, Stir-fry prawns, carrots, celery, green onions and garlic in oil in large skillet over medium-high heat about 3 minutes or until prawns start to turn pink. Combine remaining ingredients except pasta in small bowl; mix well. Add to prawn mixture; stir-fry about 1 minute or until sauce thickens. Serve over pasta.
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